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VCD Landesverband Baden-Württemberg e.V.: The VCD moves people – ecologically and safely!

Welcome to the site of the VCD in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg. The VCD is an association for sustainable mobility and a major German transport and environmental organisation. The regional association in Baden-Württemberg has about 12000 members and supporters with a headquarters in Stuttgart.

The VCD stands up for...

...environmentally friendly mobility, more public transport, more cycling, more walking and better traffic safety.

  • more buses and trains
  • better service in public transport, in particular more passenger rights
  • better conditions for cycling, e. g. more bike lanes
  • better climate and environmental protection
  • better and cleaner cars, buses and motorcycles
  • less traffic noise
  • less toxic emissions
  • more space for children on the pavement
  • more safety for children on their way to school
  • more education on sustainable mobility
  • no road casualties – realisation of »Vision Zero«

The VCD offers its members

  • advice on all issues concerning transportation worldwide, e. g. technical advice/counselling on environmentally friendly cars and travel information
  • the »fairkehr« – a bimonthly magazine on new developments in sustainable transport
  • assistance – help and support in cases of emergency in Europe and some neighbouring states – e. g. advice and information on car rentals and garages, train connections, doctors, interpreters
  • ecological automobile insurances – the only one in Germany whose fee is directly related to C02-emission
  • breakdown assistance – in Germany and abroad
  • foreign health and travel cancellation insurance
  • ecological old-age pensions and eco-funds

VCD-members in Baden-Württemberg can get also

In addition to our local actions we supported the project of Pro-link Ghana in 2004 and 2005. Please visit our page Bikes for Africa for more information.