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Bikes for Africa

The VCD Baden-Wuerttemberg supports a project that collects bikes in south-west Germany and sends them to Ghana. Please visit our Report on Bicycle Donations and Distribution 2004 for detailed information.

Donations for our up-coming 2005 campaign are welcome:

VCD Baden-Württemberg
Spendenkontonummer: 110 839 606
Sparda Bank Baden-Württemberg eG
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If you look for links for you can check also ODP: Society: Issues: Environment: Sustainable Development
  • Afribike, South Africa Provides training workshops, low-cost bicycle procurement programs, bicycle enterprise projects and advocacy work. Includes background, objectives, project list, archives, and products.
  • Pedals for Progress Promotes a non-profit agency that collects thousands of used bicycles from the public through partnerships with local community service organizations, and donates them overseas for reconditioning and distribution for affordable transport.
  • Bicycle Assist Australia Association IncorporatedA non profit organisation collecting used bikes and shipping them to east timor
  • Cyclo Nord-Sud, Québec A initiative to collect used bicycles and potentially other useful goods in Eastern Canada, and send them to communities which greatly need them in different emerging countries.
  • Re~Cycle Re~Cycle is a nonprofit organization which sends bicycles to Less Developped Countries such as Haiti and South Africa, and trains people how to repair and maintain the bikes.
  • Bicycle Sponsorship Project and Workshop Non-governmental organisation registered in Uganda, East Africa that offers a small skill-training workshop in a children's home; designed to give the boys of the home skills for repairing and maintaining the local common types of bicycle. Program overview and photos are featured.
  • Pan-African Bicycle Conference This event was a starting point for a Pan-African Bicycle Network (PABIN). Marked by further exchange of governments, NGOs and initiatives on bicycles and their role as an appropriate means of transport.
  • International Forum for Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD) The IFRTD is a global network of individuals and organisations interested in rural transport issues in developing countries with the vision of "improved accessibility and mobility for poor communities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America".
  • International Bicycle Fund A non-governmental, nonprofit organization, promoting sustainable transport worldwide and international understanding. Major areas of activity are non-motorized, urban planning, sustainable environment, economic development, safety education, responsible tourism and cross-cultural, educational travel. Geographic focus: Africa, Asia, Cuba and South America.

Some related organizations and projects

  • Transport-Links A DIFD funded organization, site contains news, free publications, project information, links, and an advice and information centre for transport planners and researchers in developing countries.
  • ITDP - Intermediate Technology Development Group A sustainable development corporation whose mission is to build the technical skills of poor people in developing countries, enabling them to improve the quality of their lives and that of future generations.
  • Bikes Not Bombs Bikes Not Bombs is a non-profit organization working for alternative transportation and community development. The group operates the Bicycle Recycling and Youth Training Center in Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA, to promote environmental education, meaningful employment, and safe sustainable communities, both here in Roxbury and abroad.
  • European Cyclists' Federation The ECF is the worlds largest bicycle advocacy group with more than 50 members in more than 30 countries - representing more than 400.000 members.
  • Youth Bicycle Education Network Youth Bicycle Education Network is an international coalition linking, supporting, and developing organizations which use the bicycle as a vehicle for youth and community development.