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Report on Bicycle Donations and Distribution 2004

ProLinkGhana send us a report on the 2004 donation of bikes. You can download the report (PDF, , 600KB):

Report on Bicycle Donations and Distribution

You can find a list of the receivers of the bike and pictures of them.

Report on Bicycle Donations and Distribution 2004


In 2002, Pro-link organization with support from African Youth Foundation (AYA) and Mr. Ewald Bauman received bicycles from Germany. This was aimed at providing pro-link project staff with cheap and efficient means of transport for HIV/AIDS education in the rural communities. In January 2005, Pro-link received a second consignment of 310 bicycles and bicycle parts. A total of 90 bicycles and parts were donated to 3 partner CBOs of pro-link working in northern part of Ghana.

Donation to Partner Organizations

Enterprising Women

In Development Enterprising Women In Development, a local NGO operating in the Northern Region of Ghana with its head office in Tamale and district branches one of which is located in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district received 30 bicycles and bicycle parts.

These bicycles were presented to thirty (30) students from selected schools in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district.

These bicycles were presented to thirty (30) students from selected schools in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district.

Northern Sector Action on Awareness Centre (NORSAAC)

Pro-link organization donated 30 bicycles to Northern Sector Action on Awareness Center (NORSAAC) as part of its Youth Bicycle project. 22 students, 4 patrons and 3 field officers of NORSAAC received the bicycles after a short presentation ceremony.

Action for Needy Children and Women Development (ANCWD)

Action For Needy Children And Women Development (ANCWD) was presented with 30 bicycles to assist in the communal activities. Out of this number 20 bicycles were presented to volunteers to enable them carry out awareness programs on HIV/AIDS and distribution of condoms in the districts.

10 bicycles were also given to some poor but need children whose schools are far from their home and their parents cannot afford bicycles for them.

Pro-link project sites

To boost our education on health related programs and HIV/AIDS in schools and communities, a number of bicycles and parts were sent to all the project sites located in the Volta, Central and Greater Accra Regions.

  • Hohoe: 50 bicycles were sent to pro-link office at Hohoe. Out of this number 40 were used to strengthen the existing street youth project being undertaken for street children and school dropouts in the Hohoe district. 10 bicycles were used in the office by the field officers in their usual educational trips, monitoring and supervision
  • Kedjebi: 50 bicycles were given to Kadjebi office and out of this number 2 were donated to the Dokli-papase District Hospital and the other being used for the educational programs in the communities.
  • Aflao: 50 bicycles were sent to Aflao for use in the communities.
  • Mankessim: A total of 50 bicycles were sent to the pro-link office at Mankessim. Donations of 4 bicycles were made to the Mankessim District Assembly to help in carrying out their monitoring activities. 2 of the bicycles were also donated to the Ghana police service in Mankessim. 6 were also given to a sister organization PLAN Ghana to help in their community activities. 38 of the remaining bicycles are being used in the office.
  • The Tafi-Adome Monkey Sanctuary (Eco-tourism) received 20 bicycles for renting to tourist who visit the site.

Proposed plans for new bicycles

  • Experience from the previous project has introduced new ideas in the service provision sector for the less privileged and rural folks. Introduction of the street youth project at all pro-link office locations. By introducing this project in all our offices, the vision of the organization to advocate and empower disadvantaged people by improving their educational, health and socio-economic status will be achieved. This will also help in reaching out to more street children and school dropout with the message on HIV/AIDS. The youth will be trained in the maintenance and repairing of bicycles.
  • Increase donation to partner organizations in the northern region of Ghana. The northern region of Ghana is very under developed with very bad road networks. Organizations in this area face many problems withtransportation. With the provision of the bicycles, carrying out their educational programmes in the communities will be made easy. The bicycles, through this organization will be donated to need children who will have to walk long distance to get to school.
  • Cape coast university project: due to accommodation problems in the cape coast township, people travel long distance to get to the university thereby reducing concentration level. This project is aimed at providing bicycles to the needy students.
  • Eco-tourism: as part of Pro-link's plans of embarking on eco-tourism in Tafi-Adome area of the Volta =Region, more bicycles will be sent to this area for hiring to tourists. The proceeds from this project will be used to support community development programmes.

Pro-link organization will need 400 bicycles to implement these projects.